Magic Melodies

Hello there, and thanks for checking out Magic Melodies! I've been making music since December 25, 2016 and I decided to make a website for everyone that wants to just browse around for something new, or look for something specific. If you don't see a certain song in my lists, then chances are I haven't made it (I update the site each time I make a new song).

Click the list you want to take a peek at and press CTRL and F to quickly search around!

I set up shop almost everday in Dunbarton on Channel 1 and sell them for 100k a piece, but 50k if you ask me directly! More often than not, if you do ask, I'll just give you it to you (depnding on how many you want).

Custom requests are 10m per scroll. I charge 5m after its been discussed and agreed upon what song you are wanting, then the other 5m for when it's done (this applies to Jabchiel Scrolls, Duets, Trios, Quartet, and so on). This can get quite expensive, depending on how complex the song is, but please keep in mind the personal time, energy, and sometimes mental stress I'm putting in to making your commission (most of the time I make them by ear). I can't promise anything absolutely perfect, but I do my best to fulfil your request! I just ask for your patience and understanding!

I struggle with making Rap, Techno, Dubsteb, and Heavy Metal music. If you or myself are able to find a midi of a song for those genres, then I can do it, otherwise it will most likely not be possible to make.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope your days are full of music!

All MML and screenshots made by Zeldarocks. Site design and coding by Vincennes